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Our Story

Your Local Grayton Beach Coffee Shop


Crowned the #1 beach in the USA by ABC news in 2020, the sugary white sands and emerald green water of Grayton Beach, FL make it one of the most cherished spots on Scenic 30A. Combine it’s beautiful geography with the cool, funky, and eclectic nature of people and there is no need to try to make a splash with fancy and over the top concepts. Nothing can outdo the natural beauty that is, well, just Grayton.


Hotz Coffee, located on Hotz Ave in Grayton, is just that (“Grayt Hotz coffee”), not fancy, not chefy, just good affordable products and services that provide a positive charge to start a day.  So sit back, relax and enjoy a day full of good food and drink, Grayt people, and a lot of adventure!

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